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Privace Statement

IBS Technics GmbH wishes to promote trust among users of the Internet, and therefore applies a policy of transparency to its handling of personally-identifiable data. This section defines the information that we collect, and how we handle it.

Explanations regarding data protection

You can normally access any part of the IBS Technics GmbH website without having to register or identify yourself. If individual features or services do however require the entry of your name, address or other personal details, you will be clearly warned of this in advance. The personally-identifiable usage data that we do collect are applied to making the services of IBS Technics GmbH as easy as possible for you to access, and to help ensure their constant improvement.
All and any personally-identifiable data that you might submit to IBS Technics GmbH via the Internet for the purposes of, for example, conducting correspondence or completing an order shall be handled with great care, in full accordance with the strict stipulations of the German federal law on data protection (BDSG).
The accessing of the website causes the transfer to IBS Technics GmbH of usage data, which are saved for backup purposes and which might permit a certain level of identification (e.g. IP address, date, time and pages viewed). These data are evaluated by IBS Technics GmbH to analyse user-behaviour and compile statistics. All measures used in this respect conform at all times to the strict security standards of the German teleservices data-protection law (TDDSG) and the data-protection regulations applying to telecommunications companies (TDSV). We do not exploit personally-identifiable data in any way. We do however reserve the right to carry out statistical evaluation of anonymous data-records.
For further information on the subject of data-protection in the Federal Republic of Germany, please go to www.bfd.bund.de.

The forwarding to third parties of personally-identifiable data
If the processing of an order requires the transfer of data to a service provider, the party concerned shall likewise be contractually subject to the BDSG law, and to all and any other legislation that might apply, along with the Privacy Policy of IBS Technics GmbH. If and insofar as IBS Technics GmbH is obliged by law or court decision to reveal your data, these shall be supplied to the authorised body concerned and to the extent required. IBS Technics GmbH will not otherwise supply your data to any third party or parties without first obtaining your express consent to do so.