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IBS K-system

Our "K" system (from the German "Katastrophe") is a mobile means of flood prevention which, unlike our original flood-defence walls, does not require any preparative structural work. Providing a barrier height of up to 1.3 m, this flexible system can be used in an extremely wide range of locations.

The special feature of this system is that the water acting on it automatically generates a (frictional) retention force, which then stabilises the structure. IBS uses a carefully chosen selection of high-quality, durable and versatile materials and sealing films. There is no need for plans to include sandbags.

In a similar manner to the IBS flood-defence wall, the K system likewise consists of four different components. Four components that cannot be confused with each other for assembly purposes.

  • K-block
  • Stoplog
  • Sliding brace
  • Ground seal

The modular design of this system allows it to be extended as required and adapted to local topography.

Wall-connection elements and corner-pieces are standardised or specially adapted to local conditions.

IBS K-System - flood prevention in Regensburg (Germany)

Materials and system variants


  • K-blocks: Aluminium
  • Stoplog: Aluminium
  • Sliding brace: Stainless steel 1.4301
  • Seals: EPDM (also available in PVC foam)

All materials have a virtually unlimited service life if stored correctly, and can be deployed as often as required.

System variants

The K system is supplied as standard in three different barrier heights. We hold static type-approval certificates issued by LGA Bayreuth for this purpose.

  • Barrier height 550 mm (number of stoplogs 3)
  • Barrier height 900 mm (number of stoplogs 5)
  • Barrier height 1300 mm (number of stoplogs 7)

A so-called "hobnail boot" element provides the surface connection, which removes the need for anchoring elements. IBS also holds the necessary certification for this technology, in the shape of principal testing by LGA Nuremberg.

IBS K-system without dam beams Regensburg (Germany)

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