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IBS Technics GmbH - our experience is your advantage

IBS Technics GmbH - our experience is your advantage

IBS Technics headquater in Thierhaupten/Germany
  • 1994 IBS GmbH founded in Thierhaupten. The first spill barriers are put together in a rented garage in Thierhaupten. The sale, part-picking and assembly of these barriers, and of the firm's customised garage doors, all took place from this garage.
  • From 1995, IBS began developing the flood-defence barriers that have since made its name, thereby creating its market niche. The future core activity of disaster-prevention was now in place.
  • By 1998, sales were already so high that the firm had to move out its garage. The first production facility was set up in Industriegebiet West, an industrial estate in Thierhaupten, where the company is still based.
  • The year 1999 marked another milestone in the history of IBS, as a second production facility was established in the Czech town of Rotava. PBS has operated since then as a sister company, providing welding services to the IBS Group as a whole.
  • In a period of just six years (1998 to 2003) the turnover of IBS grew eightfold to reach almost €7.5 million.
  • A quantum leap for IBS came in the shape of a major order for movable flood defences for the German city of Cologne. This order, which was worth almost €12 million over four years, was the biggest in the company's history. As a result of this order, the year 2006 saw the turnover of IBS break the €10 million barrier for the first time.
  • The company IBS Technics GmbH has meanwhile added to its core activity of disaster prevention (mobile flood defence and the retention of spill water) by moving into the areas of water supply and logistics systems on a worldwide scale.  Annual turnover currently stands at about €13 million.

IBS Logistics Systems - The solution to your transport needs

Necessity really is the mother of invention, as confirmed by the founding, back in 2008, of our Logistics Division. The IBS Container Filler system for the loading of containers, along with our three types of transport truck, solved all our own transport needs - both in-house and when it came to placing our stoplogs and slide-gate systems in containers. Innovative products that make our day-to-day work easier.

Our CFM Container Filler can be used to load all standard (20-, 40- and 45-foot) sea freight containers. However long, heavy or ungainly your products are, you can now load them into a container. Our Container Filler helps you do this. You will be able to organise and load your products for sea transport quicker and more reliably than ever before. All this is made possible with our unique system, which now includes the compatible DIS Discharger for unloading purposes.

Our LGW, IPW and EPW ranges of transport trucks are designed for the efficient conveyance of raw materials and industrial components of all types. We can supply types designed for handling long items, sheet metal, laser-produced components, europallets or extra-heavyweight items. Whatever you need to move, we have the solution.

If you would like further information on our logistics systems, please visit our website, write to us or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.