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1. Limits on liability

This website has been prepared with great care. However, the website owner cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or updated nature of the content and/or information offered. You use this website at your own risk. The mere use of this website does not in any way constitute a contractual relationship between the party offering content and the user of the same.

2. Hyperlinks

This website contains external links (hyperlinks) to other websites, which are the exclusive responsibility of their corresponding owners and operators. No legal infringements were apparent at the moment of inclusion of these external links, however the site owner has no influence over the current or future nature of such linked content. It would be unfeasible for the owner of this site to subject such external links to constant monitoring, unless there is a specific notification of legal infringement. Links that are found to lead to illegal content will nevertheless be deleted immediately.

3. Copyright / intellectual property rights

The content published on this website is subject to German copyright and intellectual-property law. All and any use of information that is not permitted under German copyright and intellectual-property law requires the previous written consent of the site owner or the holder of the corresponding rights. This applies in particular, without being limited to, the copying, processing, translation, storage, editing, forwarding and/or storage of information in databases or other electronic media and/or systems. Contents that are subject to third-party rights are identified as such. Unauthorised copying, whether in part or in whole, of the contents of this website is prohibited and may lead to prosecution. Copying and downloading are permitted only for personal, private and non-commercial use.

You must not offer third-party access to this website via Frames or iFrames without first obtaining our written permission to the effect.

4. Data protection

Your visit to our website may result in the saving of certain access-related information. These data, such as time, date and details of pages viewed, are anonymised and therefore not personally identifiable. The information concerned is collected for statistical purposes only. We do not pass on data to third parties, whether for commercial or non-commercial use.

The owner of the site points out that data transfer via the Internet (e.g. in the form of e-mail communications) is subject to security flaws, and total protection from third-party intervention cannot therefore be guaranteed.

The contact data included in the legal details are not to be used for commercial purposes, unless the site owner has issued written permission to the contrary or a business relationship already exists between the parties concerned. The site owner and all persons identified on this website hereby oppose all and any commercial use and/or forwarding of their details.


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