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IBS Mitred Gate opened
IBS Mitred Gate in closing position
IBS Mitred Gate locking mechanism

Mitred Gates (two leafs)

IBS Mitred Gates are normally specially-designed and planned for a given installation scenario. Precise planning and production and careful consultation with the customer are absolutely vital parts of the IBS approach to doing things, as this allows us to ensure that even technically complex and highly demanding products are delivered to usual IBS quality standards.

Thanks to their robust steel structure, IBS Mitred Gates are often used for flood-defence purposes. They are used, for example, to protect permanent openings in lines of defence such as dykes and crossings. IBS check-gates are individually designed to conform to prevailing requirements regarding static calculations, operation and geometric characteristics.

IBS Mitred Gates are designed to rotate in fixed, bearing-mounted individual niches. If an emergency arises, they are easy to operate manually and brace horizontally. This compresses the profile seals to create a perfect closure around the gate.

These seals consist of stainless-steel sheet elements permanently integrated into the base and side wall. This technique provides a uniform seal across the entire surface, and a tight closure between the gate and the building structure (tightness class 5 conforming to DIN 19569-4).

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