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Operating modes and accessoires

Manual operation

Cap Top
Handwheel (diameter 300mm)
Handwheel with Bevel Gearbox
Handwheel (diameter 350mm)

Electric Multi-turn Actuator

Actuator without control
Actuator with Bevel Gearbox
Actuator with Control

Cylinder Pistons

Pneumatic actuated
Hydraulic Actuated


Pedestal floor mounted
Pedestal wall mounted

IBS offers a large range of fitting variants for the installation of our different slide-gate systems. Our designers vary the layout of the installation in accordance with the prevailing situation or corresponding requirements. This also determines the accessories that are to be included.

IBS offers the following accessories for use with its standard systems:

  • Column supports
    • central
    • wall-mounted
  • Brackets
    • Ceiling brackets
    • Wall brackets
    • Spindle-guide brackets
    • Frame brackets
  • Flume angle-pieces
Floor Bracket
Frame Bracket Type9
Frame Bracket T12
Frame Bracket T15
Channel Side Wall Bracket T1
Channel Side Wall Bracket T2

If you are interessted in more Information about Operating Modes and accessoires please contact us.