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Stainless-steel Penstocks/Channel Penstocks


Weir Penstock

Channel Penstock

The standard IBS series for shutoff slide gates (RPS) that seal on all four sides, the shutoff guard  that seals on three sides (RSG) and the lowering guard that seals on three sides (RWG) are all designed as modular structures. This modular design allows these standard series to be adapted to a wide range of actual on-site installation scenarios. The use of standard, identical components also minimises production times, while maximising processing reliability and maintaining high levels of quality.

The use of innovative production methods and modern machine technology allows fitting structures to be precisely defined at the planning stage. The reliable interaction of guide elements, axial alignments, mating surfaces and load-bearing components is automated by routine processing methods. This means that functioning reliability is largely unaffected by any individual influencing factor with a bearing on production. A large proportion of quality-related criteria such as geometry, accurate fit, free movement and stability, etc. can thus be kept within constantly strict tolerances.

The leakage rates of the IBS standard series conform to the specifications of DIN 19569-4, table 1 for fittings not installed in housings.


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