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Technical Data, sizes and mounting situations

Definition of Terms

Definition of Terms

Details of fitting sizes

Standard, series-produced slide-gate systems are designed to span flume widths of between 200 mm and 3000 mm, with a wide range of cross-section heights. Square and circular cross-sections are uniformly designated "DN". The opening covered by a DN slide-gate frame is therefore always square in shape. Rectangular cross-sections are designated using "RQ". Standard sizes are supplied in a range running from DN 150 to DN 400 at 50mm intervals. This interval is 100 mm for the range running from DN 400 to DN 3000.

A DN 1000 version, for example, corresponds to a clear frame opening of 1050mm. With a planned flume width of 1000mm and wall-mounted  installation, the available tolerance on each side would be 25mm. The outer frame width of a DN 1000 item supposes an overall measurement, without frame brackets, of 1210mm. This slide-gate configuration can therefore be installed in an existing flume with a flush (= without recess) width of, for example, 1250 mm. In the case of flume installation in a recess, this would fit a flume width of 1050 mm.

Mounting Situations

Wall-mounted with aperture width of 1000mm

wall-mounted (on- or off-seating)

Side-wall mounted - width of 1250mm

Frame wall mounted on-seating

Mounting in Channel Rebate - width 1050mm

Channel Rebate
Frame wall-mounted off-seating
Frame wall mounted on-seating
Frame side-wall mounted
Frame mounted in rebated

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