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Mounting Situations and accessories

We make a basic distinction between five installation scenarios:

Type 1: in recess
Type 2: in first-pour concrete
Type 3: before flume (push)
Type 4: before flume (pull)
Type 5: flush in flume.

Various dimensions, designs and dowelling systems are used, depending on stop-log width, flume width, closure height and sealing technology.
There are more than 50 standard variants in total.

In recess
wall mounted (on- or off-suiting)
side-wall mounted

Lifting Tools

Lifting equipment consists of a range of items for the manual installation/removal of stoplogs and lifting hooks of various shapes and designs. A robust and stable hook-bar crane attachment is available for use with larger and heavier types of stoplog.

Lifting Pole for Aluminium stoplogs
Lifting Pole for stainless-steel stolplogs
Hook lifting beam for heavy stopllogs

If you are interessted in more Information about Mounting Situations and accessories please contact us.