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Aluminium Stoplogs

Eight different extrusion-press profiles can be combined with five different reinforcement profiles made of EN AW-6063-T66-grade aluminium, allowing us to to supply 20 different high-performance cross-section variants. Various configurations with or without vertical sealing technology, or supplied as ground stoplogs, can be used to create 60 different designs of stoplog. This is just a small selection of the stoplog variants that we can supply: 

Aluminium stoplog 50x300-4.0
Aluminium stoplog 100x150-5.0
DBAL 100x150-5.0+1x100x50-4.0.
Stoplog with reinforcement on one side
DBAL 100x150-5.0+1x100x50-4.0 LM
Stoplog with reinforcement on one side and vertical sealing
Stoplog with reinforcement and vertical/ground sealing
Aluminium stoplog
Vertical/ground seal
Stoplog with reinforcement on both sides

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