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Installation & Maintenance

IBS installation teams help in the erection of a flood-defence wall. They are positioning an anchor plate in this instance.

Movable flood-defence walls require precision work. IBS slide-gate systems frequently have to withstand water column pressures of more than 15 metres. Our stoplog closures are often specially made for oversized openings. These are all highly complex systems, which require both the necessary expertise in design and manufacturing and a series of onsite technical skills. IBS likewise does not leave you to fend for yourself here.

Our installation teams of experienced, highly skilled, certified specialists ensure smooth onsite completion - thereby guaranteeing the highest quality standards and exacting tolerances.

Because a flood-defence wall or stoplog closure consists of far more than just a couple of supports and stoplogs. They are in fact highly complex structures made up of many individual parts. Precise, identically produced items, ultimately designed to withstand immense water pressure.

Whether the initiative is a flood-defence wall in Thailand, a slide-gate project in Saudi Arabia or the setup of a Container Filler in Australia, IBS and its installers are on hand to help - wherever in the world you might be.

We market our products worldwide. But sales alone are not enough for us. We remain on hand to act as your reliable and competent partner. Service and maintenance are not just throwaway terms to us - we live and breathe them.

If you would like to have a more accurate picture of our sales regions and areas of responsibility, just send us an e-mail. We will quickly put you in touch with your regional contact person.